class lsst.ts.ATDomeTrajectory.BaseAlgorithm(**kwargs)

Bases: abc.ABC

Abstract class to handle different dome trajectory algorithms.

**kwargs : dict of str: value

Configuration. For details see the configure method for the algorithm in question.

Methods Summary

configure(**kwargs) Configure the algorithm.
desired_dome_azimuth(dome_target_azimuth, …) Compute the desired dome azimuth.

Methods Documentation


Configure the algorithm.

desired_dome_azimuth(dome_target_azimuth, telescope_target, next_telescope_target=None)

Compute the desired dome azimuth.

dome_target_azimuth : float or None

Dome target azimuth (deg), or None if unknown.

telescope_target : ElevationAzimuth

Telescope target elevation and azimuth.

next_telescope_target : ElevationAzimuth or None, optional

Next telescope_target target elevation and azimuth, if known, else None.

dome_target_azimuth : float or None

New desired dome azimuth (deg), or None if no change.