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The ATDomeTrajectory CSC is implemented using ts_salobj.


The primary classes are:

lsst.ts.ATDomeTrajectory Package


ATDomeTrajectory([config_dir, initial_state]) ATDomeTrajectory CSC
BaseAlgorithm(**kwargs) Abstract class to handle different dome trajectory algorithms.
ElevationAzimuth(elevation, azimuth) Elevation and azimuth path segments
MockATDome(initial_state) A very limited fake ATDome CSC
SimpleAlgorithm(**kwargs) Simple algorithm to follow the target position from the pointing kernel.

Class Inheritance Diagram

Inheritance diagram of lsst.ts.ATDomeTrajectory.dome_trajectory.ATDomeTrajectory, lsst.ts.ATDomeTrajectory.base_algorithm.BaseAlgorithm, lsst.ts.ATDomeTrajectory.elevation_azimuth.ElevationAzimuth, lsst.ts.ATDomeTrajectory.mock_dome.MockATDome, lsst.ts.ATDomeTrajectory.simple_algorithm.SimpleAlgorithm

Build and Test

This is a pure python package. There is nothing to build except the documentation. ATDomeTrajectory
setup -r .
pytest -v  # to run tests
package-docs clean; package-docs build  # to build the documentation